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Moisturizing Hand Mask - Twinkle Design

Moisturizing Hand Mask - Twinkle Design



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Moisturizing Hand Mask - Twinkle Design


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Intensive moisturizing treatment that restores suppleness to dry, rough, overworked hands. Enriched with honey, propolis extract and other natural moisturizers & emollients, it penetrates quickly & deeply to protect, nourish and hydrate the skin. After just one use, you will feel dramatically improved skin tone and texture! Our COLOR!SKIN BRAND is aimed at a sensual, colourful, young sensibility. Twinkle Design Moisturizing Hand Mask is an emotional hand mask that allows you to feel the joy of colouring while using the hand mask. 


1) Wash your hands with warm water

2) Open the packet and wear the hand masks

3) After 20-30 minutes take off hand masks. You don't need to wash the hands again. 





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