Complete Guide To vitamin C serum


If I ask how do you take care of your skin? There is a chance that the answer will come up with Cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection, and exploiting.

You may use tons of beauty care products. But have you ever noticed most of the beauty care shops are possessed by vitamin C ?. Have you added this vitamin C to your daily skincare routine yet?

If not, then you are missing the major part of your skincare routine. Many skincare ingredients do tremendous improvement in your face, but at once they usually target only one or two problems. But the most attractive thing about Collagen-Vitamin C serum is it takes care of multiple skin issues including wrinkles, under-eye puffiness, acne scars, fine lines, and sun damage.

You may have many questions about the ingredients, benefits, or the method of this magical product, so let's clarify those matters.

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What is a Vitamin C Serum Exactly?

Vitamin C serum is a skin-care thin and light liquid product enriched with vitamin C. It has the thickness of a gel or liquid and is applied generally to the skin.

L-ascorbic acid is the most effective and stable form of vitamin C in skincare. Studies say L-ascorbic acid has more absorption power compared to common derivatives of vitamin C.


Why is vitamin C Serum highly recommended for skin?

Do you want glowing, forever younger-looking skin?

Well, everyone wants so. Right?

Daily usage of Vitamin C Serum can make your dream come true. Because it is known as an anti-aging hero. Serum-containing Vitamin C boosts Collagen and elastin productions that enhance skin cell regeneration. Collagen also slows down your skin’s aging process. So apply Vitamin C Serum topically to have firm, tight, and younger-looking skin.


What’s more?

Vitamin C serum is acidic. It helps to remove dead cells from your skin. Not only this, but it also clears clogged pores.

How to get rid of blackheads? If you are looking for the answer, add Vitamin C Serum to your daily routine right now. It will remove unwanted blackheads from your skin and will leave your skin fresh and smother.


Vitamin C is the best choice to protect our skin from sun damage. Its antioxidant properties help to fight free radicals. It also heals acne and acne scars. 

So, make a daily skincare routine, add more Vitamin C Serum.  skincare products to it. Say goodbye to skin problems permanently.

Now let’s see



Why should you use Vitamin C serum?

You might think, when you can get vitamin C from your diet then

Why use a Vitamin C serum?

Well, having food (orange juice, citrus vegetables) enriched with vitamin C indicates a healthy diet and there is nothing wrong with it. But think for a moment

Is there any guarantee that this vitamin C goes straight to your skin?

Probably not and there is no other way to be sure about it.

But if you apply Vitamin C serum topically, then your skin can directly absorb Vitamin C. Only a small amount of vitamin C serum can work more effectively than your diet. So, to reap the best benefit, start applying Vitamin C serum beside your diet. If you are looking for the best vitamin C Serum please visit Amirose.




How do I pick the best vitamin C serum?


Form: Vitamin C has different forms. So, the Ingredients of Vitamin C serum can appear in several different names on labels. Which vitamin C serum is best to buy?

Remember you should always go for L-ascorbic acid. Because it is the most effective and stable form of vitamin C in skincare. Studies say L-ascorbic acid has more absorption power compared to common derivatives of vitamin C.



What should be the ingredients of the Best Vitamin C serum?

There are tons of Vitamin C serum products available in the market. If you check the label, you will notice each of them is made of different ingredients.

But the best Vitamin C serum is the one that contains active ingredients like Vitamin E, Collagen. Because these ingredients all together can perform double duty on your skin concern. Vitamin C along with Vitamin E can give your skin maximum protection. While Vitamin C with Collagen makes your skin Smooth, Firm, and supple.

So, before buying Vitamin C serum make sure you buy the best vitamin C which is enriched with these active ingredients.




What should be the perfect concentration of your Vitamin C serum?

Well, you should have a clear idea about the concentration of your serum. Otherwise, a serum of wrong concentration might not work effectively.

The suitable concentration level of Vitamin c serum is between 5%- 20% percent. Generally, 5% concentration serum is gentle enough for sensitive skin. You can go for 8% concentration if you have serious skin problems. But remember never go over 20% concentration as it could lead to skin irritation


Packaging: Vitamin C can break down when it is exposed to air, light, oxygen, and heat. All these things can reduce Vitamin C serum’s potency. So choose a product that comes in a dark, airtight glass bottle and medicine dropper delivery rather than an air pump.

Sometimes experts suggest storing the serum in the refrigerator. It helps to prolong the serum’s shelf life. But always read instructions on the label about how to store the serum.


Price:  Well, while choosing the best Vitamin C serum your priority should be the quality of the serum, not price. Because low-quality products at a lower price can make you regret it later on. If serum has all the above-mentioned qualities then you can consider it as the best Vitamin C. You should buy it without thinking twice about the price. Generally, the best Vitamin C serum costs £19- £80. So buy one that fits your budget. You can visit amirose to get the best vitamin C serum at a reasonable price.





How should I use Vitamin C serum?

Generally, we apply face lotions and moisturizers in an upward direction but In the case of face serum, you need to follow a different process. Vitamin C as well as other Serums is supposed to be applied to your face in small tapping motions with your palms.

So the correct order to use face serum is,



Now wait for a couple of minutes and let the serum enter into your epidermis.


When should you use Vitamin C serum?

There is still an ongoing debate about what is the best time to apply Vitamin C serum. While some argue that morning is the best time, others support nighttime. Again, some people suggest using it twice a day.


So, what is the solution to this problem?


Well, before jump to any decision about what is the best time to apply Vitamin C Serum, you need to consider two things-


To get the best vitamin C serum, you should use it every day.

Bio balance Collagen-Vit C plus marine Collagen have the right combination for maximum results.

Applying Collagen-Vitamin C serum in the morning can protect you from pollutants, UV rays, dirt, and grime. It also saves your skin from sun damage. While using Collagen-Vitamin C Serum at night, gets a long time to undo the damage, rejuvenate, and create new skin cells.

But if you have sensitive skin, then use vitamin C serum only at night.